Basmati is being cultivated since centuries by farmers of Basmati growing areas for its quality, aroma and value. Fifteen districts of Punjab, Pakistan are the home of this premium fine quality aromatic rice.

Extreme care is practiced at every stage of the production chain from the farmers field to the retail sale point to ensure good quality Basmati rice in each consignment, whether it is marketed locally or exported for the valued customer abroad.

Pakistan is the 5th largest rice exporter, exporting 3.489 Million Tons of rice during 2012-13. Rice production in Pakistan was 5.54 Million Tons. Domestic consumption is around 2.3 Million Tons.

Rice exports by Pakistan in 2012-13 have declined to around 3.5 Million tons, down about 5% from total rice exports of around 3.7 million tons in the previous year. Earnings from rice exports in FY 2012-13 also failed to reach the targeted $2 billion, reaching around $1.98 billion, down about 1% compared to around $2 billion earned from rice exports in the previous year. Most of the decline in rice exports in the FY 2012-13 was seen in Basmati rice exports, which declined to 593,257 tons, down about 35% from around 920,282 tons in FY 2011-12. Revenue from Basmati rice exports in FY 2012-13 declined to about $608 million, down about 25% from around $815 million earned in the previous fiscal year.

Non-basmati rice exports in FY 2012-13 stood at around 2.5 million tons, down by about 7% from around 2.7 million tons exported in the previous year. However, earnings from non-basmati rice exports at around $1.37 billion were up about 10% from $1.25 billion earned in the previous fiscal year.